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Oloroso-Oxidative handled Sherry.

Oloroso is a Sherry style made in the DO (Denominazian of Origin) of Spain, particularly Jerez-Xerxes, and Sanluca de Barrameda. Oloroso literally means Ordorous or Scented.  Rightly too. Where Fino style sherries, are biologically aged under a covering of flor (yeasts-mainly Saccharomyces), Oloroso has no biological aging after initial full fermentation, but the flor dies off when fortified to the 17.5% alcohol. It instead undergoes Oxidative aging in old barrels or Butts, to produce a Dry style, Pale to Medium tawny looking wine that has medium noses of coffee, nuts, almond meal and tobacco.  With a Palate of Dry, very low […]

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Sherry Industry- A study of stubborness

“Can I get a bottle of Sherry for cooking?” That is the main question I receive regularly, and it shows to me that the industry is waning rapidly. Firstly I’ll talk about Sherry the Spanish Jerez-Xerxes DO and Sanlucar de Barrmenda Manzanilla DOs. Sherry as a category has dropped from the high of 1979, where it exported 1.5million hectolitres and has been in steady decline to recent years.  As example of this decline 2010 465000 hl with a drop of 20% in 2014 to 364000 hL. Reasons for this decline are many. Complacency was a big factor, with too many […]

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Fortified Wines

Fortified wines are classed by the EU as “Liqueurs”, and generally range from 15% to 22% ABV. They are called so because of the use of a fortifying spirit.  This spirit is usually grape based but has been known to be grain and even coal spirit. In broad strokes historically there are 4 general distinctions in the category. VDN, or Vin Doux Naturale, which are essentially Must (wine grape juice), that has undergone little to no fermentation and is fortified to 17-20% ABV.  Very sweet, very alcoholic, very little tannin, and may have slight oxidised characters if Maderized. In the […]

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Grain Spirits-Vodka-

Grain Spirits.   Generally grain spirits are broken into 2 distinct categories: Vodka, a highly rectified, unaged spirit (which must be distilled to 96%ABV) And Whisk(e)y:, a grain spirit which has a lower distillate (around 64-68%) and aged for (normally) 3 years in wood(usually oak).   Both are made all around the world, in just about all countries.   Vodka   Any and all agricultural materials can be used to produce vodka, including but not limited to grains, potatoes, molasses, maize, barley, wheat, grapes etc. To hydrolyse starches (allow them to become soluble in water), for products like potatoes, they […]

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“That’s seems really cheap/expensive.”-Halo effect on Wine, Spirits and Beer

In the world of marketing and retailing, there is a term that evokes fury and favour in many wine/spirits/beer producers and customers/retailer. It is the Halo effect. A quick explanation is this. halo effect noun noun: halo effect; plural noun: halo effects the tendency for an impression created in one area/product to influence opinion in another area/product. A good use of the halo effect is in brewing, with a good brewer making a name for itself on a great beer it has produced, then getting the rest of it’s range in on the back of it.  Stone and Wood’s Pacific […]

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Sin of the Mermaid Rose

Made by the guys at Pirate Cru Wines-Jennifer and Dirk, the team that also brings you: Dante Gabriel, William Hunt, John Millais, and the Ford Maddox Brown Slurpy Puppy. The label designed by Maleny’s own Thomas Hamlyn-Harris, of TThink Designs. I’ll let him talk about the concept and design of a wine label. “Andrew from Purple Palate introduced me to Jennifer from Pirate Cru at a wine tasting. It was not long before Jennifer, Dirk and I were sitting down over a few wines discussing pirate mythology, 18th century paintings and old vines in the Barossa Valley – just your […]

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“What’s Craft Beer?”

“What is this craft beer people keep going on about?” Is a question I am asked repeatedly. My thought was a beer, that was specially made for a niche market or niche group of people, that was not produced in huge quantities. Ironically, some of the best craft brewers now produce as much as some of our regular domestic brewers. Craft seems to mean to some, high priced, left field beers, you need to struggle to drink.  They are not necessarily wrong, as many craft beers are very confronting, and have flavour profiles that sometime defy description and cost a […]

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“I have no idea what to buy !”-Christmas Gifts and Alcohol

We have all got friends and family for whom we have no idea what to get. We’ll walk into a bottleshop, look around, realise we have no idea, then go to the shop attendant, and ask him what we should get. Here are a couple of very very broad generalisations on buying liquor for others. Men like Red Wine, Spirits and Beer. Men like to experience new tastes and flavours.  They are generally happy with pretty much most things, if you want to get him something special. Look for: Limited releases in Spirits Glenmorangie Companta 700ml ($135.00) Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack […]

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Cocktails and Cheap Ingredients

I love a good cocktail.  The skill in blending, mixing, the theatre or creation, and just the balance of flavours takes a casual drink into a night of entertainment and epicurean delight. However retail wise, I get a lot of people coming in and buying cocktail ingredients for cocktail nights, and home events and asking what they should buy. Probably the simplest maxim is, if it’s worth drinking straight, it’s worth mixing. Putting good ingredients into a cocktail, is like cooking.  Best ingredients for the best result. However in the real world, I have found that cocktail are broken into […]

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Deal with the Devil-Investment into Liquor Industry

History repeats time and time again, and people think they will be different-unfortunately they aren’t. The liquor industry is populated by passionate, hardworking people doing their utmost to make the best product they can, and to market it at a fair price. It is also populated by corporations, and faceless entities interested only in moving boxes, and making money for itself and/or shareholders. Both groups can be both good and bad.  Today we are going to discuss a practice that occurs all too frequently in this industry. A small outfit (Beer, Wine or spirit producer), makes excellent product, and (through […]

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