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Day 26, and Day 27- Speyside, and the coldsnap

Woke early in Edinburgh and went to pickup our rental car, you know, something small and nimble. Presented with an M1 Abrams tank. I think something got lost in translation.

You may think that Scottish people speak English. They don’t, they actually speak a rapid highly inflective version of pidgin. At one point Roz asked me if Scotland had a lot of spanish people here, as she heard 3 guys talking rapid Spanish. I replied that the 3 guys were Scots picking a fight with each other.

Loading up the APC, I noticed 3 things.

1. No four wheel drive

2. Was built by drunk tin sheet metal worker on a bad day.

3. The furious power of the engine, was matched only by the power of a Tonka toy truck. When accelerating you shouldn’t have to yell a 3 count out for the engine to respond.

So away we went leaving at 11am and getting to our accomodation 2 hours after dark, so 6 pm-no not a joke.

Drink, dinner, bed.

Woke to frost. Serious frost. It had dropped to -4 overnight.

The kind of frost that makes you rethink having a pee outdoors.

We marvelled at a frozen loch, with ducks and swans trying to break the ice to swim. Mad bastards

We then went to Strathisla distillery and had a lovely little tour, and finished with 3 expressions of Chivas Regal.

The Strathisla 12 yr old was my favourite, and I believe is getting a relabel (including the Chivas Brothers on the label),

The production for Strathisla was 280000 litres, with only 10% being set aside for the single malt, and the rest going into Chivas Regal blends.

Had a scary drive home to crash out (figuratively).

Off to Cardhu and Balvenie tomorrow.

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