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7 Interesting Facts about Alcohol

alcoholAlcohol has a rich history, believed to date back tens of thousands of years, with Stone Age beer jugs being dated back to around 10,000 BCE.


It’s no surprise, then, that such a thing would have plenty of interesting facts revolving around it – be it the alcohol itself of the social and cultural factors about it. However, for this list, we’re going to look at seven interesting facts mostly to do with rules surrounding alcohol and different customs around the world.



1. Drink driving in Malaysia


While we wanted to give this a funny title, there was no way of doing so without spoiling this interesting law in Malaysia. If someone is arrested for drink driving, they’re thrown in jail. That makes sense. What’s interesting is that if they have a spouse, then their spouse is thrown in jail, too – even if they weren’t with them.



2. Wipe your feet on the way out


There is one vineyard in France where the soil is considered to be so precious that vineyard workers have to adhere to one definite rule – you must scrape any soil off your shoes before leaving.



3. World’s longest bar


While there are a number of places that claim to be the longest counter bar in the world, one claim that kept popping up both in answers and trivia books is one located in Rock Island, Illinois USA. Apparently the bar exists in a place called the New Bulldog and has a running length of 208.5 metres. Impressive.



4. Celebrities on tap


Before they were famous, some celebrities tried their hand at bartending. Those who were bartenders before hitting the big time include Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase. I wonder if Chevy got fired for being difficult to work with?



5. Spiritual intoxication


Apparently ancient Egyptians placed a great deal of significance on the state of being intoxicated.



6. Backwash


Imagine a Tiriki man offering a woman a beer. She proceeds to to drink it and spit some of it in his mouth. Certainly this is a sign of disrespect, right? Wrong! In fact, it means they just got engaged to be married. Personally, we prefer the way engagements happen in Australia.



7. A toast!


The most logical explanation for where proposing a “toast” comes from can be traced back to ancient Rome. When wishing each other luck, they would literally drop a piece of toast into their wine.
There you have it! Seven interesting alcohol-related facts.



* Image source: Nicholas Tarling / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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