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5 of the World’s Most Popular Drinks

alcoholic-drinksEvery country has its more loved alcoholic beverages.


In Australia, it seems we’ve certainly been affiliated with beer. In Russia, it’s Vodka. For France, it’s wine. But what about on a global scale? For example, while whisky is popular in India, it isn’t included in that many lists of the world’s most popular drinks.


In fact, some of the drinks listed here aren’t just restricted to the straight alcohol that they are (e.g. rum and tequila) but also include cocktails and other mixed drinks. After doing a bit of research, here are of five of what’s considered to be some of the most popular alcoholic drinks on earth. How they’re listed in this blog does not reflect their overall popularity.



Wine is certainly a universal alcohol which has entered the cultures of most countries in the world. Despite this, wine isn’t considered the most popular or consumed alcohol in the world. That said, it still comes before many others and is loved by millions of people worldwide – including us.


Rum and Coke

Yes, the simple mix of a bit of rum and a healthy dosage of Coke is also considered by many to sit towards the top of the world’s most popular list. After all, they’re easy to make and have a pleasant sweet taste to offset the bitterness of rum that some people don’t really like.



Probably considered one of the most notorious alcohols out there, absinthe is a herbal liquor with an alcoholic content that usually runs between 55% and 75%. It’s strong, to say the least and has also earned itself some interesting accusations such as inducing hallucinations and destroying the morals of anyone who consumes.



A mix of tequila, triple sec and lemon/lime juice, the margarita is possibly one of the most loved cocktails to ever be conceived. When made right, it has a pleasing sweet taste. If botched, though, the margarita can either taste too bitter or flavourless.



It would’ve felt wrong to put this blog together without mentioning beer. It’s the last one we have mentioned, but most people believe that beer is by far the most popular alcohol in the world. It makes sense. Beer is cheap, readily available and has a global reach. Not only that, but a good beer and snacks can be a great way to unwind.


What other drinks do you think easily make it into the “most popular” category? Share them with us in the comments below.


* Image source: George Stojkovic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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