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Day 20 Toscana hills in a shoebox

We awoke to a glorious day, with our own home cooked breakfast over looking the hills of Tuscany hearing church bells ringing in the distance. We had bought a couple of wines from the Enoteca and thought to try them after a swim a walk and lunch. So I opened a couple of beers to start the day. The beer culture in Italy is odd.   You can’t seem to buy a carton except from Aldi like shopping centres, yet every shop selling coke and water sells beer(same old we get Australia, Stella Heineken Moretti etc ). There is a […]

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Day 19 Toscana travel to and book in

Left the monastery around mid morning after Massimo wanted to record me playing some of my songs for his daughter and her friends, now I’m an international rock star! The scenery is pretty awesome, massive hills rolling into valleys, with major grape and other agriculture going on. Everywhere you look old buildings are still in use, either as farms or being renovated into holiday accomodation. We drove in Greve in Chianti and had lunch at a lovely little Osteria where I had arranged to meet a local wine sommelier and try some Chianti Classico Riserva. My favorite was below.  Lovely […]

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Day 18 Modena

Short day trip to Modena, known for it’s balsamic vinegar which is DOP protected. A couple of interesting points are that it starts off as a harvest white grape (Trebbiano), which is then boiled down to 30% of its original volume to create a mosto which is then fermented and intensified over years usually in barrels. As it gets more concentrated it is put into smaller and smaller barrels until it is decanted into a specifically shaped bottle. This bottle is specific to Modena vinager and must be used to keep its DOP. It retails initially for 40-50 euro in […]

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Day 17 Bologna

Awoke in our monastery built in the midst of the 1400’s, bombed to buggery during WW2, then rescued and converted into 17 amazing apartments around 2005. The lower story (below ground) was the wine and root cellar… Seemed appropriate somehow. Without a lot of forethought we ventured into Bologna… Some might say the food capital of Italy… Others might argue.
Needing a break from driving for a day, and knowing I had several tastings lined up, we got a lift from our host Massimo, who, when unable to find a park near the city, dropped us off (aka threw us out […]

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Day 16- Fattoria Zerbina

Well the day started poorly Tyre wall blew out, so a 12 year old picked  us up in the flat bed truck, then drove us to Pauda to get it sorted. The rental guys were pretty cool and gave us another car quickly so we drove to get to our next appointment, at Fattoria Zerbina. As we drove through Romagna I had to stop and looks at the vineyards.  A particular type of grape I had never seen before intrigued me. We drove up and met Christina, the owner and winemaker.  She was generous with her time and very […]

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Day 15- Colli Eugenei

We decided to spend the day tripping around the local area. We wanted to wander around a beautiful villa and garden. The garden Valsanzibio was a beautiful historic garden. Founded by a Venetian family and dedicated it to God after the family survive the plague. The Diana gate (above) was the original entrance, when the area around was a swamp. The garden was set out as a pilgrimage of life. The marble table The labyrinth set out with a taking into account the seven paths of sin  We lost the thread of the walk among the beauty of the garden […]

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Day 14 part 2 Buglioni wines.

I needed to seperate day 14 as I wanted to talk exclusively about the wines of Buglioni. The Veneto region is appellated for Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone, and Rectiolo. All the above wines are made indigineous grapes of the region.  Predominantly Corvina, Corvinole,  Molinara, and Rondinella. Valpolicella is a young bright wine, with high acidity and soft tannin, essentially similar to beaujolaise.  This is an everyday drinking wine that is great with antipasti and would happily suit a new World Pinot Noir drinker. Superior Valpolicella has at least 1% higher alcohol and has seen 12 months additional time in oak. Ripasso […]

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Day 14 part 1 Verona 

We set off early to get into Verona. It is a city, which means be really aware of road rules and grab a park where you can. Quick tip. Green arrow means proceed “when you can, at your own risk, take your life in your hands”, unlike Australia where it means you have right of way. We took a quick detour to Soave.  This region is renowned for Garganega, a white varietal that doesn’t have much of a varietal character but expresses terroir very well.   Looking at some of the cooperative sites for the vineyards it seemed, the canopy […]

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Day 13 Asolo and Montagnana

With a fresh feeling and a hopeful heart we left our beautiful accomodation. We travelled north to the hamlet of Asolo. For people who like text scroll down as this will be lots of pictures as it was one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. When given the choice of venues for your mid morning macchiato, choose a castle wherever possible. The streets aren’t bad either. They call Asolo the town of 100 horizons. This is why. We then had a pizza for lunch, and a half carafe of locale red, and a beer. Outstanding for everything. […]

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Day 12 Abano Terme

We slept in after our stressful drive, and late night/early morning. We awoke to a beautiful hill view of olive groves and vines, with wild boar shuffling in the undergrowth. At Terre Bianche in Colli Euganei. From our lovely little abode we went out to sample the Columbus thermal springs. It helped our cramped backs and sore legs, and my white knuckles. The town was quite large, and Roz could have done real damage to our bank balance, but she was very well behaved. As we had started late, I decided to wander out to an Enoteca (wine store/bar/cafe), to […]

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