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Natural Wine-Wine as it is meant to be or just Lazy winemaking?

As wine drinkers, and consumers generally, we are bombarded with marketing claiming that this product was made from (insert ridiculous statements) and will (insert insane claims).  So we need clarity on some (if not all claims) for wines. So with an upsurge in Organic, and Biodynamic wine marketing and sales, a little known but quite a fanatical following has been building called Natural Wine making. The Natural Wine Making Movement follows the idea of as little intervention as possible in the making of the wine.  That is no adding sugar (Chaptalization), no acid adjustment, little to no sulphites, little to no […]

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Bundaberg MDC Blenders 2015 Best Rum in the World!!! (No Coke please)

Well, Australia didn’t expect that!! Bundaberg Rum is the  Icon of the Spirit Industry in Queensland, Australia. However it as been called many disreputable things by many other rum connoisseurs over the years.  Including but not limited to-“It is alcohol with caramel flavouring”, or “Molasses mixed with Bundaberg water”. However Bundaberg has made a strong commitment to changing (particularly) those people’s perception of their brand. With the release of the MDC (Master Distiller’s Collection), Bundaberg Rum has taken a massive step to broaden it’s presence on the world stage. With lessons learned from other Rum Distilleries (including Ron Zacapa, and […]

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Wine into Water

 As a liquor retailer, I see consumers becoming more conscious of what they are drinking, and more importantly why. With Wine, I see that people look for good value(as always) and good fruit weight balanced to tannin, acidity and alcohol. Lately low alcohol wines have made a surge in the market. Low alcohol are wines 8% and less. Married by the fact that in an ever increasing temperature climate, wines are generally increasing in alcohol. This is due to the fact that to pick the grape at the ideal total acidity a best baume(sugar content) means that means wines are being produced at […]

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Craft Beer-Loving the Imperials

No this is not about the latest Star Wars film. This is about Imperial style beers-IIPA,IIIPA, IBIPA, IPils, IBrowns and RIS. Originally derived from RIS or Russian Imperial Stout.  A style developed specifically for Tzarina Catherine of Russia when she visited England. She would drink nothing watery or low alcohol.  English beer was generally 3.5%-4% alcohol, with even the bigger styles only being 6.5%.  So the English Brewers were tasked to create a heavy full flavoured beer to show off English brewing skills. A 10% alcohol Stout was developed and presented to the Tzarina, which she viewed as acceptable. The […]

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Whiskies of the World-Spirit Tasting Review

  What do you like in whisky?   Have you even tried whiskies from different countries, or only Scotland?   What’s a Bourbon?  Is it even a whisky?   On Tuesday night Purple Palate, hosted Brady Retschlag: Suntory Whisky Ambassador, who answered all the questions above and more…   He presented Whiskies from Around The World.  A tour of Whiskies from the major international producers .   Our Journey started with a cocktail Suntory Highball.  Japanese Kakubin whisky over lots of ice, with soda, and lemon.  A refreshing palate cleanser to start. We headed to Ireland with Tyrconnell, a lovely […]

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The Great Whisky Drought No One Saw Coming.

The World likes whisky.   Yep it’s true.  Whisky sales have jumped in the last 3 years, due to increasing numbers in the middle class and more disposable income.   India is the biggest growth 46.4% increase in whisky consumption (2010-2014), supported by a surge from Japanese consumers(8.6%), and a then a major uplift in westernised countries(averaged 4.8%).   What does this mean?   It means that the old stalwart mixing whiskies are selling better, but that single malts are being more and more sought after.   If whisky production was a monthly exercise it would be not a problem, […]

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Brew Crew-5th Birthday Review.

Well, the first Maleny Brew Crew for 2016 is all wrapped up, and it was a humdinger. With the Battle of 5 styles, 2 of each style to showcase what each style is about and the Beer Trivia day, and insight by MC Graham Reeks (renowned beer aficionado), we poured for 53 people. That’s 530 beers with Pizza and Trivia (for $40/person, best value ). Beers and Styles: Sours Rodenbach Grand Cru-WINNER Moa Sour Grapes/Moa Rum Barrell (alternate drop) Saison Croft Saison Grenade Panhead Canhead Lola Deville -WINNER (OVERALL BEER OF THE DAY) IPA Stone Brewery Cali Belgique Modus Operandi Zoofeeder […]

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Champagne Masterclass review.

We had our last event for the year at Colin James, with the annual Sparkling Masterclass. This year I chose Champagne in all it’s glory. Looking at styles and houses. Andrew of Colin James matched some beautiful cheeses (Angel Tripple Cream being a favourite), while my lovely wife, putting out the great blinis of salmon, caviar, cream cheese. We talked of the history of the region, the way Champagne is made, and then onto the tastings: Mumm NV elegant, light, with good bead. Excellent base line for good Champagne. Canard-Duchene Authentic Brut, slightly sweeter style. Made for more generic palates. […]

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Extension of the Maleny Store

Over the past few weeks the staff at the Maleny purple palate have been working hard relaying and stocking the store. It now has doubled in size with a brand-new beer cold room. So the store is now able to stock a greater range of wines, beer, spirits, cider and premixed drinks.   On the weekend of the first and second of November, over Friday and Saturday there will be a celebration of this great event the store will host a series of free wine, beer and spirit tastings tastings. If you need a bottle just for the odd occasion […]

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10 reasons to drink sparkling wine this spring

As one sits and ponders why their front lawn is growing much faster all of a sudden whilst remembering how the T-shirt they are wearing is a little tighter since the last time you wore it, it can only mean one thing… Spring is in the air! And for many Australians, this also marks the start of the celebration season (which only really takes a slumber between a few days somewhere in July). All toast the Spring Racing Carnival and the Melbourne Cup. Its the time of year when it doesn’t matter that we allegedly drink more, because everyone is […]

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